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* Name: Max! =o someone else has this name 0.o

* Age:14

* Sex:Male

* Sexual Preffyrence:ghey

* Favouritve Colour:Blllue


* Five of Your Most Favourite Shows:
~Cowboy bebop
~Wolfs rain(mm seksi tsume)
~Gravitation(does this count?)
~Sex and the city
~Queer eye
I have 4/5 of these on DVD =p

* Five of Your Most Favourite Animes (if you like/know what anime is be.) :
~Cowboy bebop
~Wolfs rain
~Ghost in the Shell

* Five of Your Most Favourite Bands:
~Frou Frou
~Yoko Kanno
~Better Than Ezra
* Explain why you want to be part of this community:
I saw the ad(the hot one) in another place and decided to look at it only because the title had fag in it. =p It looks interesting, I like yaoi. =o No one has posted anything yet so I don't really know which way this community is going. =p

This or That (Don't say both or neither, or we will hunt you down and kill you. =O) and Please Explain Your Mad Reasons for Choosing What You Chose and Why you Did Not Pick the Other Choice

* Coke or Pepsi:Coke. My brother started me with coke and its just what I drink cause we have it. but I like wild cherry pepsi ^_^

* Coke with lime or just regular old coke:Regular. I like cherry/vanilla though.

* Peaches or Watermelons:Peaches. No seeds!

* Emo or Screamo:Emo? I had to google screamo.. meh

* Yuri or Yaoi (only if you like anime):Uhh Yaoi duh. I <3 yaoi

* Sid Vicious or Johnny Rotten:Sid Vicious, more stuff I dont know about

* Mummys or Papas:Mummys. They dont shout as much.

* Rain or Sun:Rain. I like the way it sounds.

* Tight Pants or Loose:Tight pants. They are hot, what more can I say.

* Punks or Preps:Punks. Ripping holes in pants is much cheaper than abercrombie.

* Conor or Shuichi:Shuichi. ^_^ I dont know this conor man but I would still say shuichi.

* The Used or Bright Eyes:Bright Eyes. I lack music culture. Please forgive.

* Skirts or Pants:Skirts. You may call them kilts but they are still damn sexy.

* Lunch or Dinner:Dinner. Its later!

* Soda or Pop (which name do you like better) :Soda. Pop reminds me of the time root beer came out of my nose from laughing so much.

* Hats or Caps (again, which name do you like better) :Hats. My grandpa says cap 0.o

* Clothed or Naked:Naked. Once again, I am 14 and male.

* Blood or Bleach :Bleach. Bleach things, they will look clean and pretty.

* Frogs or Toads:Toads. Kiss them = hot guy pop out?

Flatter Our Mods ^_^:

You look interesting, in a good way. I like your background.
Every part of your info turned me on. Even the women. You rock. Lool I love the cosplay shuichi. <3 the sailor girl episode. XD

Make Us Laugh, not once, But Twice, once with a picture, and the second time with a joke

1.)Look at the bottom right window thing in my taskbar.

2.)[not really a joke but it strikes me as funny]
Yamaoka Tesshu, as a young student of Zen, visited one master after another. He called upon Dokuon of Shokoku.

Desiring to show his attainment, he said: "The mind, Buddha, and sentient beings, after all, do not exist. The true nature of phenomena is emptiness. There is no relaization, no delusion, no sage, no mediocrity. There is no giving and nothing to be received."

Dokuon, who was smoking quietly, said nothing. Suddenly he whacked Yamaoka with his bamboo pipe. This made the youth quite angry.

"If nothing exists," inquired Dokuon, "where did this anger come from?"

What Do You Think These Words/Phrases Mean ( Don't put i don't know)

* Meep:The noise made when someone pinches your ass.

* Coocoocachoo:Secret code for, move your ass bitch.

* Boop De Doop:French war hero of the 14th century.

* Bam In Your Eye Like An Apple Pie:To have "bam" somehow lodges in your eye cavity.

* Mangina:The vagina of a man, ie. his left earlobe

* Octopuschwa:The sound that is very common to octopus, it is represented by an upside down Q

* VaChina:Vagina imported from China, often marked with a large sign saying this way up and a large FRAGILE sticker.

Insert a Lyric of your Favourite Song and Tell Us What it Means To You
Wo Qui Non Coin - by "Gabriela Robin"
[Translation lines start with `]
boku no koinu ga
inaku no ta
shiroi ashi shiroi shippo
zutto isshou datanoni

`My puppy
`isn't here
`he has white feet and a white tail
`we were together all the time

boku no koinu ga
inaku no ta
shiroi mimi shiroi senaka
itsumo isshou datanoni

`my puppy
`isn't here
`he has white ears and a white back
`even though we were always together

boku wa kawaita namida de
mainichi kura shiteru
kaete kite

`My tears have dried up
`everyday I hope
`come back

ame no hi mo kaze no hi mo
mainichi sabo shite

`rainy days and windy days
`but everyday I know
`I want you

dakara hayaku, hayaku kaete kite

`so hurry, come back

j'eu suis sa mosokona
wichet de bous sobleu
que se apusizi lepou zi ne
j'eu mi si tu lamour, tu lamour chet moi
j'eu suis sa mosokona
ruchet de bous sobleu
que se apusizi lepou zi ne
j'eu mi si tu lamour, tu lamour chet moi
adetu la mien ka fe tu notra
abelru hii ri soa
a lamour
andetu la rien ka fe tu notra
abelru hii ri sora
a lamour
j'eu me tu lire ti la me tushe kyuela
j'eu suis sa mosokona
wichet de bous sobleu
que se apusizi lepou zi ne
j'eu mi si tu lamour, tu lamour chet moi
j'eu suis la mo saa
The way this song is sung is so sweet and cute. Its done by a young woman and she sounds very young. The song sounds very innocent and I love to sing it because it makes no sense. That whole last section is not in any language. =P

Insert a Picture of your Favourite Anime or Band (or Both)

Show us Some Pictures of Your Cute Self
Me playing poker:(second from right)

My hair in the morning: 0.o

Promote Us Please!! and Give us the Links:

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