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Name: Rachel

Age: 13

Sex: Female

Sexual Preffyrence: Straight

Favouritve Colour: Green


Five of Your Most Favourite Shows: Teletubbies, King of the hill, that 70s show, south park, blue collar tv

Five of Your Most Favourite Animes (if you like/know what anime is be.) : pokemon, sailor moon, inyuasha, case closed, Hamtaro

Five of Your Most Favourite Bands: TBS, Hawthrone Heights, My Chemical Romance, Thursday, Atom and his package

Explain why you want to be part of this community: It's all about the emoness

This or That (Don't say both or neither, or we will hunt you down and kill you. =O) and Please Explain Your Mad Reasons for Choosing What You Chose and Why you Did Not Pick the Other Choice

Coke or Pepsi: pepsi, less of a sugar rush and coke is an old myth of cocaine actually being added and noone likes drug addicts

Coke with lime or just regular old coke: coke with lime, balances the sugar, and regular coke is too fizzy

Peaches or Watermelons: peaches, less water than watermelon, watermelon is too much of a mess

Emo or Screamo: emo relates better to situations, screamo cant understand fully

Yuri or Yaoi (only if you like anime): Hm?

Sid Vicious or Johnny Rotten: sid vicious because good charolette knows him, and the other i dunno

Mummys or Papas: papas more outgoing and mummys get into too many arguments

Rain or Sun: rain because you cant see me crying in the rain, sun too hot

Tight Pants or Loose: tight pants = originality, loose everyone else wears them try something new

Punks or Preps: punks dont give a shit, preps too slutty

Conor or Shuichi: conor looks radtastic, shuichi i do not know who that is. sorry.

The Used or Bright Eyes: bright eyes more indie and the used is a little too screamo but they're still awesome

Skirts or Pants: pants you can most in, skirts get in the way

Lunch or Dinner: lunch more open , dinner too family like

Soda or Pop (which name do you like better) : pop is more modern, soda alot of southerns say that

Hats or Caps (again, which name do you like better) : hats more modern, and yeah caps not that many people say that anymore

Clothed or Naked: naked, streaking is fun, clothed cant feel the wind between your legs. (haha)

Blood or Bleach : bleach, blonde chunks are coolness, blood stains too easily

Frogs or Toads: toads are beautiful, frogs too much of that *ribbit* action

Flatter Our Mods ^_^:

cartmenpunk I knew you for a while now, but we havent talked in a while! Just remember the black out situation, im sorry i couldnt walk 1000 miles to give you ramen, but its the thought that counts =^_^=

nekoayuchan I dont know you but if youre a friend of lors then i bet youre just as awesome!

Make Us Laugh, not once, But Twice, once with a picture, and the second time with a joke

1.)Image hosted by Photobucket.com

2.) how do you put a giraffe in your fridge?

close the door

how do you put a elephant in your fridge?

take out the giraffe, put in the elephant and shut the door, (yes I know weird)

What Do You Think These Words/Phrases Mean ( Don't put i don't know)

Meep: Kitty getting attacked by evil bunnies

Coocoocachoo: the lyrics to *blood red summer* from coheed and cambria ^.^

Boop De Doop: a cool techno beat

Bam In Your Eye Like An Apple Pie: some dirty most likely, bad aim?

Mangina: something large but

Octopuschwa: an octopus with a vagina?

VaChina: a vagina in china? haha

Insert a Lyric of your Favourite Song and Tell Us What it Means To You

Boys like you are a dime a dozen
^ boys like you arent worth much

Insert a Picture of your Favourite Anime or Band (or Both)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Show us Some Pictures of Your Cute Self

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Promote Us Please!! and Give us the Links:

I already promoted you in my info ^.^
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