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Name: Max
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Sexual Preffyrence: Straight
Favouritve Colour: black

Five of Your Most Favourite Shows
-family guy
-forensic files

Five of Your Most Favourite Animes (if you like/know what anime is be.):
-sorry... i dont know any others

Five of Your Most Favourite Bands:
Led Zeppelin
My Chemical Romance
Taking Back Sunday

Explain why you want to be part of this community: i thought u were the one that wanted me here....

This or That (Don't say both or neither, or we will hunt you down and kill you. =O) and Please Explain Your Mad Reasons for Choosing What You Chose and Why you Did Not Pick the Other Choice

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
Coke with lime or just regular old coke: Regular only
Peaches or Watermelons: Watermelons
Emo or Screamo: Screamo
Yuri or Yaoi (only if you like anime): uh... garrr... do i really have to answer that... yuri if i have to
Sid Vicious or Johnny Rotten: Sid.
Mummys or Papas: Papas, but i dont know why i chose that
Rain or Sun: Rain
Tight Pants or Loose: loose
Punks or Preps: punks
Conor or Shuichi: Conor.
The Used or Bright Eyes: Bright Eyes i suppose
Skirts or Pants: Pants
Lunch or Dinner: Dinner, because theres usually more food than at lunch (im so fat lol)
Soda or Pop (which name do you like better): soda, i cant stand "pop"
Hats or Caps (again, which name do you like better): Hats, thats just how i do
Clothed or Naked: Clothed i supposed
Blood or Bleach: Blood
Frogs or Toads: toads

Flatter Our Mods ^_^:
cartmenpunk: um.... how about that ur the best person in the entire world to talk to on the phone (does that work?)
nekoayuchan: Loran: "So how does it feel to be liked by the prettiest girl in our class?" Me: "wait, katie likes me?"

Make Us Laugh, not once, But Twice, once with a picture, and the second time with a joke:
1.) sorry i dont have any pictures that u would find funny on my computer right now, but does it count that i will be absolutely crushed if i dont get accepted
2.)Two little kids, aged six and eight, decide it's time to learn how to swear. So, the eight-year-old says to the six-year-old, "Okay, you say `ass' and I'll say `hell'". All excited about their plan, they troop downstairs, where their mother asks them what they'd like for breakfast. "Aw, hell," says the eight-year-old, "gimme some Cheerios." His mother backhands him off the stool, sending him bawling out of the room, and turns to the younger brother. "What'll you have?"
"I dunno," quavers the six-year-old, "but you can bet your ass it ain't gonna be Cheerios

sorry... its stupid, but im too lazy to find a funny one

What Do You Think These Words/Phrases Mean ( Don't put i don't know)
Meep: a big fuzzy ball, usually colored
Coocoocachoo: its the reaction u get when u dont know what a word means
Boop De Doop: its a phrase u say when ur bored i guess
Bam In Your Eye Like An Apple Pie: its kinda like "haha im right ur wrong
Mangina: its ... whats ur code name, "tar"?
Octopuschwa: uh... a jewish printer
VaChina: its the country china with va in front of it

Insert a Lyric of your Favourite Song and Tell Us What it Means To You:
We roll tonight
To the guitar bite
Stand up and be counted
For what you are about to recieve
We are the dealers
We'll give you everything you need
Hail hail to the good times
'Cause rock has got to ride away
We ain't no legend, ain't no cause
We're just living for today
For those about to rock, we salute you
We rock it down on the front line
Like a bolt right out of the blue
The sky's alight with the guitar bite
Heads will roll and rock tonight
For those about to rock, we salute you
We're just a battery for hire with a guitar fire
Ready and aimed at you
Pick up your balls and load up your cannon
For a twenty-one gun salute
For those about to rock - fire
We salute you
Shoot, shoot
We salute you

its the first (and only) ac/dc cd u bought me lor, it means so much *bursts into tears*

Insert a Picture of your Favourite Anime or Band (or Both): does my ac/dc picture count?
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